Barkerend pupils had a fun introduction to human biology when Eureka! Children’s Museum brought its science workshops to our school on Tuesday 5 June.

Children took part in interactive sessions with hands-on experiments that helped them to explore and gain a deeper understanding of how our bodies work.

Year 5 and 6 pupils got an introduction to the digestive system in ‘The Gross Lab’, while younger children in Year 2 explored the ‘ickier’ side of the human body through sessions called ‘From the Chew to the Poo!’.

Lucinda Fewlass, our Co-Principal, said:

“We’re grateful to Eureka for visiting our school. The workshops were a very engaging way to bring these science topics to life, supporting our science curriculum. Pupils thoroughly enjoyed getting involved.”

The one-day outreach visit was funded by Sovereign Health Care Trust and offered to just 15 schools in the Bradford area.

The visit from Eureka! launched our academy’s Science Week, a programme of activities for all year groups to spend more time delving into science topics – from plastic pollution to eating bugs!

Jen Pearson, our Science leader, commented:

“We hope that by the end of the week children have a wider understanding of all the different types of Science and how they affect their everyday lives. The workshops with Eureka! were packed with humour and engaged all our children, and they came away being able to communicate what they’d learned passionately. It was a great start to what should be a brilliant week.”

Year 5 pupil Bilal Ahmed commented:

“I acted out how the molars crush food in your mouth and then my friends demonstrated the journey of a banana sandwich through the digestive system. It was really good to have lessons that talked about poo and I learned a lot by having a lot of fun.”