The Academy offers opportunities for creative self-expression and involvement at every level. Arts can have a profoundly positive impact on pupils’ emotional well-being, encouraging them to develop vital soft skills. Our Arts curriculum provides an excellent outlet for pupils to explore the issues that affect them on a day-to-day basis, through song, dance and drama.

We offer a high quality of music provision, with clubs to cater for every taste, including ukulele, violin, guitar, drumming, choir and song-writing. Our pupils have had the opportunity to perform concerts at some prestigious venues, and Year 5 have established close links with the Anchor Project choir.

Through our arts curriculum, pupils are encouraged to connect with their audience, inspiring them to feel and challenging them to think. They also become well-versed in conveying their messages through verbal and non-verbal communication, whilst considering how their work can be perceived from a variety of different perspectives. All of these skills are vital in laying the groundwork for pupils to become the leaders of tomorrow.