We strive to create a supportive, caring and happy environment where effective learning can take place. Pastoral care is central to our ethos and we have a supportive pastoral system which makes pupil well-being its priority.

Close relationships between teachers and pupils on a day-to-day basis are vital and fully recognised. The Principals have overall responsibility for all members of the Academy, but class teachers, pastoral team leaders and pastoral support workers are primarily responsible for the pastoral care of each pupil. The Principal and Senior Leadership Team take an interest in all the pupils and are quickly informed of any individual concerns.

Playtimes are well supervised and pupils are encouraged to support each other. Lunchtime Supervisors are employed to take care of the pupils at lunchtime. There are many organised games and play zones used at lunchtime and the Academy has midday activity leaders to support lunchtime activities.

Pastoral Team

The Pastoral Team is responsible for ensuring the welfare of pupils. They work closely with parents and guardians to make sure a support structure is in place for every pupil.

Every pupil is assigned to a class led by a class teacher. The class teacher is the first point of contact between home and the Academy. They will make sure parents are regularly updated on any issues that are preventing their child from learning. They take particular care during the transition from primary to secondary school. Class teachers are supported by a team of link pastoral team leaders and assistant headteachers.

Pastoral team leaders are on hand during drop-off in the mornings and pick-up in the afternoons to speak with parents and discuss any concerns.

The Academy also has a dedicated attendance officer, learning mentor, inclusion mentor and 2 pastoral support workers to ensure pupils are supported every step of the way.