Our Year 6 pupils got out their spades this week to plant a living legacy at their primary school: a 100 square metre woodland.

As these pupils prepare to ‘branch out’ to secondary school, they planted around 50 trees that will help to create a forest school-style outdoor classroom in the Barkerend grounds.

Our Principal Ann Winter explained:

“We were very grateful to receive a donation of young trees from The Tree Appeal. Our pupils are interested in nature and environmental issues and enjoy taking part in forest school sessions off site.

“Our Year 6 children have seen the school change greatly over the last few years, with an extensive building project. As the works are due to complete this summer, they won’t benefit from the new site, but they were eager to help us plan for the new outdoor areas.

“The woodland they have created by planting these trees will help us to develop our outdoor provision and see us one step closer to our own forest school. It’s great that we were able to involve these pupils, who will shortly be leaving our school, in getting their hands dirty to plant the woodland – I hope they will always remember their own roots here at Barkerend.”

The Tree Appeal donates trees to schools and nature reserves to support environmental education objectives. Sponsored by corporate partners, schools receive their saplings completely free of charge, together with canes and protection to support them as they grow.

Barkerend Primary Leadership Academy’s tree delivering included a number of cherry trees, aspen and blackthorn, which pupils planted on Wednesday 13 June.

Year 6 pupil Rabeh-Ul Islam picked up his spade to join in the tree planting. He said:

“I think it is a brilliant idea to leave something behind when we leave. Planting the trees has also helped with the new forest school, which will be really enjoyable for the students.”

Year 6 pupil Abdul Mamun added:

“It felt nice to know that we have left behind a legacy that will last for many years. It is like we will be remembered through the trees we have planted. It is amazing to know that all of these trees will be part of a forest school at Barkerend Academy when we are older and maybe sending our own children here.”